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Chocorua Lake

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Chocorua Lake - Chocorua, New Hampshire

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     A hot spot and busy hub for White Mountain vacations and sightseeing, Conway visitors may enjoy all four New England seasons. Autumn Traffic Jam - Conway, NH Whether it's skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, golfing, fishing, canoeing, or leaf peeping that excites you, here you'll find it all in this vacation wonderland. Reaching records numbers during the peak of the autumn season, it's best to have your reservations made early.
     Located in eastern New Hampshire, nearby Conway, this picturesque area attracted many homeowners in the 1950s. Enjoying a tranquil setting on Lake Chocorua, heavy motorboat activity began to alarm some of the lakeside residents, leading its citizens to form the Chocorua Lake Association. An additional consortium of homeowners also formed the Chocorua Lake Conservation Foundation, establishing an escrow account where the majority of landowners donated conservation easements around the lake. The association's hope was to protect water quality and well as this sacred lake of the Pequawkets. The Pequawket Tribe believed that the Great Spirit lived on Mt. Chocorua and wished tranquility and silence on the lake. Even a spoken word in a canoe was too much.
     With increased intrusions from Anglo settlers during the 18th century, the Native Pequawket Chief Paugus witnessed open hostilities, which only increased his bitterness. Returning from a scouting trip in 1725, Paugus and his warriors stumbled upon Capt. Lovewell and a band of rangers. The ensuing skirmish was later dubbed the Battle at Lovewell's Pond. Paugus was killed and remnants of his tribe escaped to St. Francis in Canada. Paugus' son, Chocorua, remained behind unwilling to desert the graves of his ancestors. While visiting his relatives in St. Francis, Chocorua's son was killed. Blaming the white man, Chocorua uttered his curse and leaped to his death from Mount Chocorua.

    Left to right: Whiteface 4015' elevation - Passaconway 4013' - Paugus 3198' - Chocorua 3475'

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