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Dukes Creek Falls

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Dukes Creek Falls - Chattahoochee National Forest Recreation Area, Georgia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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  Covered in a sea of summerís green, the Dukes (and Davis) Creek Falls is well hidden at the first overlook along the Dukes Creek Falls Trail. This inviting hike begins at the Dukes Creek Falls Sign - Chattahoochee National Forest Recreation Area, Georgia Chattahoochee National Forest Recreation Area - Dukes Creek Falls parking lot and runs adjacent to the entrance road, then drops dramatically over stairways and a path with multiple switchbacks. Itís a short half mile decent to the confluence of Duke and Davis creeks. Here the rivers join together in two thunderous cascades. Partially hidden in a Chattahoochee National Forest thicket, Davis Creek Falls appears across the creek from the boardwalk and viewing platform. Davis Creek Falls - Chattahoochee National Forest Recreation Area, Georgia Dukes Creek Falls is cited to drop anywhere between 150 and 300 feet, depending on the source. Dukes Creek Falls, the cascade closest to the viewing platform, is guaranteed to provide a cool refreshing mist on a summer's afternoon. Confusion arises from some sources that talk about Dodd Creek joining Davis Creek to form Dukes Creek at the confluence, but Dodd Creek joins Dukes Creek further upstream near Raven Cliff Falls. Even Google adds confusion with its map labels.
  This family adventure follows a well worn path and a stout boardwalk, a very easy north Georgia hike nearby the town Helen. The Cherokee called this area the land of a thousand waterfalls. Although there aren't a thousand, here you'll find over 75 prominent waterfalls, with various degrees of trail difficulty. Despite all the confusion with names, enjoying Dukes Creek Falls is one of the easiest, moving it toward the top of the popularity list.

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