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Texas Hill Country Trail - Llano River, Texas

Photos by Jason Merlo
Jason's Texas Towns Gallery

   Heading west from the major cities of Austin and San Antonio, Texas Hill Country stretches Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush across the heart of Texas. Once a seabed of limestone, the region buckled upward into today's Hill Country landscape, creating wave upon wave of rolling hills. Here, the heartland is made up of 19 counties, all contributing to the rich culture, heritage and scenic beauty of Texas.
   Taking the Texas Hill Country Trail, a 415 mile scenic byway, University of Texas is a great way to experience the beauty of the Edwards Plateau, while enjoying Texas town hospitality, exploring many of the region's limestone caverns, or cooling off in one of the many spring fed rivers.
   Here in the northern reaches of Texas Hill Country, both north and south branches of the Llano River have already joined together at Junction, Texas, and begin to meander into the hills as the Llano River. This colorful river scene was captured near the town of Llano, northwest of the state capital at Austin. The northern section of the Texas Hill Country Trail wanders through the Deer Capitol of Texas, over rolling hills of springtime bluebonnets, and into the historic city of Austin.
   To the south, byway travelers will experience San Antonio, home of the Alamo, Goliad State Park Mission the River Walk and a string of old Spanish missions. All across the south, byway travelers are introduced to a charming succession of small towns with a pleasant blend of historic inns, dancehalls, cowboys, ranches, rodeos and elegant Victorian structures.
   Texas is huge; and although Texas Hill Country is just a small section of the state, it's best to enjoy this byway and all its attractions over a period of days. The Hill Country brochure, including a byway map, details all the regionís towns, their history, and many of the area's attractions. The brochure also lists the regionís 14 state parks and natural areas, plus information on its national historic sites. The Texas Historical Commission invites you to explore the mystique of central Texas.

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