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Admiralty Head Lighthouse

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Admiralty Head Lighthouse - Fort Casey State Park, Washington

Photos by Jim Stiles
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     Admiralty Inlet separates Washington’s Whidbey Island from the mainland at Port Townsend. This area has been used as a line of defense dating back to the 19th century. Aside from the military presence, Whidbey Island is also known for its relaxing atmosphere, a popular getaway from the Seattle metro area.
Sundown at Admiralty Head Lighthouse      Fort Casey, based on the shoreline of Admiralty Inlet, was established during the Spanish-American War era. Today, some of the old coastal artillery guns are still found at Fort Casey State Park. Along with two miles of shoreline on the Puget Sound, the park also features the well preserved Admiralty Head Lighthouse. First activated in 1903, the lighthouse is complete with a two-story keeper’s quarters attached to the light tower. Deactivated in 1922, the light’s lantern room was removed and shipped to the New Dungeness Lighthouse.
     Used as living quarters for a brief period during World War II, the light-station remained unused for the majority of its years. Built with 18 inch thick walls, stout enough to survive any northwestern storm or earthquake, the lighthouse grabbed the attention of the Island County Historical Society. Their restoration efforts not only included typical building maintenance, but the acquisition of an appropriate lantern room. Thanks to a dedicated group of lighthouse fans, the lighthouse has regained its dignity and now houses a gift shop and museum, adding a delightful centerpiece at Fort Casey State Park.

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