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Horseshoe Bend

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Horseshoe Bend - Page, Arizona

Photo by Rod Ostoski
Rod Ostoski Photography
Inset photo by Ian Parker

     There's no place like Arizona! Here you'll find scenic beauty, a blend of cultures and 500 years of history in all directions ... from historic Tombstone in the south, and the Sedona Heritage Museum and Montezuma Castle at the state's center, and off to the northwest for Horseshoe Bend Overlook - Page, Arizona granddaddy of them all, the spectacular Grand Canyon. The state is dotted with 24 national parks and monuments; and many state historic sites, natural areas and parks. The Arizona State Park Board had just marked its 50th anniversary, and with a mission still in work, they paused to celebrate the accomplishment of 30 state parks and historic sites.
     While a great many of Arizona's landscapes are protected in established parks and preserves, its sights like this view at Horseshoe Bend that still astound Arizona's visitors. Just park your car at the end of a side road, walk a short distance to the canyon's edge ... and this magnificent view is spread out before you. Here at your feet lies a jaw-dropping view of nature's handiwork. The emerald green waters of the Colorado River have been at work for eons, chipping away and shaping this vast horseshoe shaped meander. Found just south of the Glen Canyon Dam and the town of Page, this splendid overlook is easily missed.

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