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Antelope Canyon

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Upper Antelope Canyon - Page, Arizona

Photos by Rod Ostoski
Rod Ostoski Photography

     The Antelope Canyon Tribal Park features one of the world's most famous slot canyons. Lower Antelope Canyon - Page, Arizona The park, created in 1997, presents one of the world's most striking sandstone sculptures, a natural work of art that's slowly recreated with every sandstorm and flash flood. Averaging 8 to 12 feet in width, the upper (Tse' bighanilini - the place where the water runs through rocks) canyon is the easiest section for sightseers to access. The colorful rock layers and dizzying curves become a photographer's challenge. Overhead light shafts and deep shadows display the types of strong Lower Antelope Canyon access stairs - Page, Arizona contrasts that sometimes end in disappointing results for the casual photographer. Careful scene selection and proper exposure are some of the main keys for some of the more spectacular slot canyon photographs.
     The lower canyon lacks the upper canyon's easy access and comfortable sandy floor. Accessed by stairs, this adventure into the Hasdestwazi is definitely not for the claustrophobic.
     Antelope Canyon tours are led by a Native American guide. A personal guide will create a rich experience, conveying the canyon's features through Navajo eyes, ensuring their visitors are aware of potential flash flooding and will attempt to answer all their visitor's questions.

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