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Fallasburg Covered Bridge

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Ada Covered Bridge - Ada, Michigan

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     A rainy day in Michigan paints the old wooden planks on the Fallasburg Covered Bridge with a series of darkening hues and accents. Here in the Fallasburg Historic District, the covered bridge is highlight of Fallasburg Park, a gathering place since 1928.
     One of four bridges in Michigan that are century old historic relics, the Fallasburg Covered Bridge still supports vehicular traffic. The Fallasburg bridge may be the third span built over the Flat River, with the previous bridges damaged by high water and ice jams.
     It may be coincidence, but three of Fallasburg Covered Bridge Grand Rapids' remaining bridges employed the Brown truss design. Patented by Josiah Brown, the truss arrangement used few iron connectors and no upright compression members. Although popular in the Grand Rapids area, the design had not faired well elsewhere. The 100 foot long bridge lists with the National Register and received its historic marker in 1971.

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