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Makoshika State Park

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Makoshika State Park - Glendive, Montana

Photos by Cecil Whitt
Wilderness Spirit Photography

   Makoshika State Park features a dramatic landscape of steep-walled canyons, sprawling buttes, Makoshika State Park - Glendive, Montanarugged gulches and a collection of oddly shaped spires and pinnacles. The land, stripped by wind and rain and denuded by more severe weather, exposes a harsh, but beautiful terrain. Thick layers of brown and gray sediments, collected over a long period of time, were compacted by pressure and cemented together by the waterborne minerals. Makoshika State Park - Glendive, Montana These numerous layers of sandstone, mudstone and shale, receiving the name Hell Creek Formation, date back to the age of dinosaurs. Many dinosaur fossils have been found in this area, including a skull of a Triceratops, making a wonderful display at the visitor center.
   The twelve mile, partially paved self-guided tour winds through the state park and leads to dramatic views and panoramic lookouts. Makoshika, a Lakota name meaning badlands, is Montana's largest state park. Montana visitors will find the park's 11,500 acres are part of a statewide Dinosaur Trail. Three developed hiking trails, plus off-trail hiking allow for impressive viewpoints not seen from the park drive.

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