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Kanawha River and Charleston Capitol Building- Midland Trail National Scenic Byway, West Virginia

Photos by Amanda Haddox
Amanda Haddox Photography
New River Gorge Bridge by Jack Ryan
Sam Black Church by Brian M. Powell

   One of West Virginia's premier scenic byways traces U.S. Glade Creek Grist Mill - Babcock State Park, Midland Trail Scenic Byway, West Virginia Route 60 from White Sulphur Springs to the state's capital. This hundred mile highway closely follows the pre-Revolutionary Midland Trail, winding through the rugged Allegheny Mountains. George Washington realized the importance of this Indian trail and ordered the path widened in 1790.
   Charleston, the capital city, lies at the western end of Midland Trail National Scenic Byway. New River Gorge Bridge - Fayetteville, West Virginia Other interesting features along the byway are two of southern West Virginia's state parks, the very popular Babcock and Hawksnest parks. Along the route byway travelers will have to take a United Methodist Church - Sam Black Church, West Virginiaslight detour to see the New River Gorge Visitor Center and the famous New River Gorge Bridge overlook.
   Pictured above is the Charleston Capitol Building, a fine example of 20th century classical architecture. Caught in morning's first light, the capitol overlooks a quiet Kanawha River, one of West Virginia's most important waterways. The Kanawha is formed at the confluence of the Gauley and New River, and flows northwest, joining up with the Ohio River at the border. The New River and Kanawha River were once viewed as a single river ... now two of the remarkable scenic wonders of the Midland Trail.

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