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Kentucky Natural Bridge

Kentucky's Natural Bridge

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Kentucky's Natural Bridge has drawn visitors to Powell County for the last 100 years. The first sightseers in 1896 were brought in by train over the Lexington and Eastern Railroad line. The 2,300 acre pack was setup by the railroad company, and was centered around the 78 foot wide natural wonder. The Kentucky Parks Service has managed the park since 1925, and has added considerable amenities. The resort park features the Hemlock Lodge, swimming pool and the Sandstone Arch Restaurant.
     The park also feature 20 miles of hiking trails, with a well worn, three quarter mile path leading up to the sandstone bridge. The trail is not the only way to take in a view of the arch, as the Skylift travels up from the valley to Lookout Point, for a close-up encounter.
     The park is noted for its traditional Appalachian square dances. During the summertime, the weekends come alive on Hoedown Island, where the tradition has endured for over have a century. Hoedown Island has been designated as the clogging capitol of Kentucky.



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