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Ground Zero Blues Club

Ground Zero Blues Club - Clarksdale, 

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Scattered antebellum plantations, miles of flatland cotton fields, Blues Alley and Delta Avenue Street Sign, Clarksdale historic Civil War battlefields, famous southern cuisine and the soulful melodies of famous blues musicians ... these are the sights and sounds of the Mississippi Delta. Here among the rich, dark earth, Delta visitors will discover something other than crops sprouted from the Delta land.
     Look no further than the historic district of Clarksdale to find the authentic home of the blues. Ground Zero Blues Club exterior, Clarksdale Described as manufactured authenticity, the Ground Zero Blues Club was created to celebrate the city's rich blue heritage and provide a gathering place for the best Delta Blues musicians of today. Located on Blues Alley, across the street from the Delta Blues Museum, this rustic looking, shop-worn facade may have first time visitors a little reluctant to enter. Opened in 2001, owners Morgan Freeman and Clarksdale native, Howard Stovall, hoped to showcase the best blues music and those musicians that have followed in the footsteps of traditional blues artists of yesteryear.
     Surrounded by wall-to-wall posters, neon lights, flying guitars and tons of graffiti, Ground Zero Blues Club interior, Clarksdale Ground Zero patrons find the interior houses an eclectic mix of tables and chairs, a menu of down-home southern dishes and a cozy stage in the rear. Here in town, during certain hours of the night at the famous Crossroads which Robert Johnson and Eric Clapton sang about, there's no doubt you'll hear the haunting melodies and see the faint vestiges of Clarksdale's past.

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