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Hopson Plantation Commissary

Hopson Plantation Commissary - Blues Trail, Mississippi

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Mississippi celebrates its distinctive musical heritage with two outdoor museums. Hopson Plantation CommissaryThe Mississippi Blues Trail and Country Music Trail highlight hundreds of music legends, studios, old clubs and juke joints with a statewide series of historic landmarks.
     Byway travelers find U.S. Route 61 mirrors the Mississippi River and cuts a straight line through the heart of the Delta Region . . . the Birthplace of The Blues. Just south of the legendary Crossroads in Clarksdale, Blues Trail sightseers will find the Hopson Plantation Commissary. Looking pretty much the same as it did a half century ago, the Commissary is filled with period items and memorabilia. On the weekend, the Commissary is a great place to experience the music of the Delta. Featuring a full bar (specializing in catered events) and a collection of unique (to say the least) lodging accommodations, the Commissary grounds are worth the visit alone. Issuing a warning that their overnight accommodations are not what you’d find at the Ritz, Hopson Plantation Commissary Tinth Shack a row of adjoining corrugated cotton bins (Cotton Gin Inn), the Loft, and a scattered collection of sharecroppers shacks (Shack Up Inn - inset) make up these nostalgic accommodations.
     Out on the grounds, expect to see a wide variety of bric-a-brac items, including colorful bottle trees, old trucks, gas pumps and signs, steel gliders, and a wide assortment of corrugated steel buildings. One of the first plantations to become fully mechanized, the Hopson Plantation offers a remarkable history of its place in the Mississippi cotton industry and a detailed chapter of a sharecropper's life. A favorite stop among blues music aficionados, the Hopson Plantation Commissary is a true Delta experience.


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