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Mukilteo Lighthouse

Mukilteo Lighthouse

Photo by Jim Stiles
Jim's Photo Gallery

     Just a hop northward from Seattle, you'll find this quaint little clapboard lighthouse on the waterfront at Mukilteo. Here the town of Mukilteo lies on a promontory, once a winter camp for Native Americans. Several Anglo explorers were eager to rename and control this popular point. By 1855, the Treaty of Point Elliot was struck, the conflicts ceased, and the Tulalip Indian Reservation was set-up around Mukilteo.
      The Mukilteo Lighthouse, one of over two dozen Puget Sound beacons, lights the thin Possession Sound narrows. This passageway separates Puget Sound and Saratoga Straight, as well as the mainland from South Whidbey Island. The light-station, using rare wood-frame construction, follows the lines of an old Victorian. The lighthouse, built in 1906, incorporates a 38 foot tower and fog signal building. The Daboll trumpet was a must for this foggy coastal region.
      The U.S. Coast Guard, anxious to shed it financial responsibility, transferred the lighthouse to the city of Mukilteo in 2001. The state's holdings of adjacent park property created a beautiful 14 acre plot on the west end of historic downtown Mukilteo. Part of a redevelopment plan, park improvements added picnic shelters, a waterfront promenade, and shoreline improvements. With the historic lighthouse as a backdrop, the park grounds create the perfect wedding locale.

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