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Inks Lake State Park - Burnet, Texas

Photo by Jason Merlo
Jason Merlo Photography

   One of seven lakes in the Highland Chain, Inks Lake joined the Texas State Park ranks in 1940. Part of a series of impoundments along the state's Colorado River, the park was made up with part private land and a section of Lower Colorado River Authority property. Taking in 1200 acres of Texas Hill Country, Inks Lake lies in a land that's forested with cedar and oak. Its pink granite outcroppings break the forest canopy, creating large, barren openings that resist any type of plant life.
   Well kept and offering plenty of recreational activities, Inks Lake State Park remains a popular stopover. Its campgrounds, picnic area, day hikes, and fishing venues all receive the two thumbs up seal of approval. The park also offers a nine-hole golf course, mini cabins, lighted fishing piers, boat rentals and swimming areas.
   Sure, it'll be crowded on the weekend, but when school is back in session and summer fades, park guests may experience a little more solitude during week days. Just under an hour and a half drive from Austin, the park's hiking trails will also be a lot more enjoyable with cooler temperatures. Its eight miles of trails vary from lakeside views to a rugged terrain that's a big part this scenic section of Texas. Wildlife watchers may enjoy an area that teams with songbirds, white-tailed deer, wild turkeys and quail. From the things to do list, it looks like there's something for everybody at Inks Lake State Park.

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