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Corolla's Wild Horses

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Wild Horses - Corolla, North Carolina

Photo by Lou Kellenberger
Lou Kellenberger Photography
Inset photo by Jack Ryan

   The Currituck name, a mainland community, is placed on one of the largest wildlife refuges on North Carolina's barrier islands, better known as the Outer Banks. Added to North Carolina's statewide collection of wildlife preserves in 1984, the 4500 acre preserve is made up of maritime forests, sand dunes and shrub thickets. Designated as a wild horse sanctuary, this section of coastline is one of the few places east of the Mississippi were wild horses still roam free.
   In this scene a new foal is seen grazing on the Outer Banks shoreline, well on its way in becoming a member of the Corolla Wild Horses herd. Having access to 7500 acres, there's no guarantee visitors will be able to find some of these 100 horses, Wild Horses - Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, North Carolina but they tend to congregate in small herds and can be seen just about anywhere along the northern Outer Banks areas. Arriving with the first waves of Spanish explorers, the herd's 400 year old line lives on today.
   North of the bustle of Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk, the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge is made up of six units and spreads out between Corolla and the Virginia border. Tracts consist of a mix of woodlands, wetlands, sand dunes and coastal beaches, lacking many of the creature comforts, including paved highways. But surprisingly the refuge receives over 20,000 visitors a year. Here, photography, birding, wildlife observation and hunting are the main activities.

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