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Muley Point

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Muley Point - Mexican Hat, Utah

Photos by Ian Parker
Evanescent Light Photography

     Not far from the town of Mexican Hat there's a fantastic overlook at Muley Point. Approach to Moki Dugway - UT 261 And as the saying goes getting there is only half the fun! Here at a break in UT 261, Moki Dugway leaves the paved road and climbs back and forth over a series of sharp switchbacks, taking courageous travelers up the sheer face of an 1100 foot cliff.
     From the top, about 6400 feet in elevation, intrepid sightseers get a bird's eye view Approach to Moki Dugway - UT 261 of southeastern Utah's dramatic desert scenery. Panoramic views include the Canyonlands carved by the San Juan River, San Juan River Goosenecks, Utah's version of Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, and an elongated volcanic dike called Alhambra Rock. Distant views at the Arizona border take in the majestic landmarks of Monument Valley.
      Was it worth the trip? You Bet!! Now, for the trip back down ... at a 10% grade it's one of the more hair-raising routes in Southeast Utah! Forget the guardrails, they would just take up essential road surface.

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