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West Mitten Butte - Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Kayenta, Arizona

Photos by Rob Jones and Ben Prepelka

     Monument Valley, made up of a vast cluster of sandstone mesas, buttes and spires, Iconic East Mitten - Monument Valley, Arizona has defined America's idea of the Southwest for over a century. Seen in countless feature films, television commercials and calendar photographs, these red desert icons continue to enchant Valley visitors. The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park surrounds nearly five square miles of unforgettable landscapes. Some of the park features, such as The Three Sisters, Camel Butte, The Hub and the Totem Pole, were named by early settlers of Monument Valley, while the Navajo People have their own names for these distinct mesas, buttes and fragile rock forms.
     Rugged by modern standards, a 17 mile unpaved road Elephant Butte - Monument Valley, Arizona winds through the park and passes many of these unique shaped forms, requiring a minimum of two to three hours to complete the loop. Parts of Monument Valley are accessible only by guided tour, including Ear of the Wind, Mystery Valley and Hunts Mesa. During the summer months, the Haskenneini Restaurant is open at the visitor center, offering snacks, and Native Navajo and American cuisines. Navajo Hogan - Monument Valley, Arizona
     Although every photographer tries to capture the beauty and essence of the area, after visiting, park guests discover the magnificence of these sandstone masterpieces and how they've earn the adjectives of spellbinding, majestic and captivating. With some monoliths reaching skyward to 1000 feet, standing near these massive formations sometimes boggles the mind. After this soul humbling experience, it's easy to understand the Navajo's ideas of this being a sacred land.

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