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Hallett Peak

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Hallett Peak - Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Photo by Merrill Miller

     The flattop was a popular haircut of the 1950s and 60s. Famous quarterback, Johnny Unitas was always a flat-top man. Howie Long, of Oakland Raider fame, still maintains his flat-top cut. And one of the most striking flattop looks was introduced by actress Grace Jones.
     Pictured here is another flattop, Hallett Peak, just south of Flattop Mountain. This particular look dates back as far as 70 million years as the Colorado Mountains began their upward thrust. The Rocky Mountain National Park mountain peaks, comprised mostly of granite, endured major glaciation. Today, steep semicircular scars (cirques) are evident along Bear Lake Road. Hallett Peak (elevation 12,713 feet), can be reached by way of the popular Flattop Mountain Trail, adding more dramatic scenery along the Bear Lake Trail.

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