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Alberta Falls

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Alberta Falls - Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Coloradoís spectacular Rocky Mountains create some of the most breathtaking scenery in the entire state. Alberta Falls Signpost - Rocky Mountain National park, Colorado And with the Rocky Mountain National Parkís long line of peaks over 12,000 feet, itís a given that these snow-capped mountains will capture the gaze of every onlooker. Seen from nearly a hundred miles out on the Great Plains, the Rockies have that special knack of silently beckoning to come and explore. The parkís Trail Ridge Road, one of the highest scenic drives in all of the nation's parks, not only introduces the park, but the term tundra as well. With valley elevations at 8000 feet, and a few Front Range peaks climbing to 14,000 feet, this park calls for climbing and hiking along with casual sightseeing.
   When it's time for family to unplug from their daily routine there may be no place better than the Rocky Mountain National Park. With its majestic mountain peaks, mountain meadows covered in wildflowers, plenty of wildlife and one of the highest paved roads in America, this park is the place for the family to reconnect and create some of its Alberta Falls Trail - Rocky Mountain National park, Colorado fondest vacation memories. With more than 350 miles of trails in the park, visitors will find something to fit their level of expertise.
   One of the best places to get started is on the trail to Alberta Falls. Suiting the novice hiker, the climb to the 30 foot falls is also a scenic trip from start to finish. For those not accustomed to Colorado's high altitudes the one mile round trip hike may create a few challenges. Although the path has some steep sections as it parallels Glacier Creek, eager waterfall fans will not be daunted. Late in autumn, when some waterfalls experience a sharp decline in water volume, this one still flows with gusto. As with many waterfall hikes, itís common to hear the falls well before itís seen, adding a little more excitement on the way.

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