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Dream Lake

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Dream Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Photo by Brad Troy
Brad Troy Photography

     More than 350 miles of trails guarantee Rocky Mountain National Park as the place for backcountry hikers. Advice, hiking maps and guides are always made available at the park Approach to Dream Lake - RMNP, CO visitor centers, a great place to get started with any adventure. The parkís eastern section acquaints the majority of visitors with their first glimpses of pure Rocky Mountain scenery, a web of trails and some of the parkís most majestic views.
     Here, just west of Estes Park, snow capped granite peaks rise above an evergreen and aspen forest. Waterfalls, alpine lakes, mountain streams and herds of large mammals make this an unforgettable stop.
     You wonít have to spend all day making your way to some of the parkís most scenic spots. A handful of short hikes lead out to some of the park's most beautiful settings. Alberta Falls, one of the most photogenic waterfalls in the park, is only a half mile hike from the parking lot. Bear Lake Nature Trail is just a short half-mile loop around lake. Starting from the Bear Lake Trailhead, another pathway leads to this picturesque view of Dream Lake. A fraction over a mile, the trailís 425 foot elevation gain may be just the warm up youíll need in this high altitude setting.

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