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Rocky Dale Falls

Rocky Dale Falls - Bristol, Vermont

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Introducing the city as the Gateway to the Green Mountains, the town of Bristol lies at the very edge of these heavily wooded mountains. Just on the outskirts of town, the mountains rise toward Hogback Ridge and the Bristol Cliffs Wilderness Area. Visitors come here to enjoy this charming town and the natural beauty of the Green Mountains. The entire town is a historic district, and visitors enjoy Main Street's artists, antique shops, restaurants and country store.
     Approaching Bristol from the north, one can't help but notice the immense tilted bedrock slabs in the Rocky Dall Falls area of the New Haven River. There's not much water flow in this autumn scene but there's little doubt it puts on a better show during the rainy months. Here, crossing the New Haven River Bridge on Route 116, the scattered boulders and huge rocky ledges will capture your attention. Inspired to seek out another waterfall? Upstream, waterfall fans will enjoy Bartlett Falls. In the summer the largest pool beneath the falls seems to entertain half the town. The inviting cool waters and soothing sound of flowing water will entice you to linger and join the fun.

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