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Moss Glen Falls of Granville

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Moss Glen Falls of Granville, Vermont

Photos by Greg Parsons
Greg's New England Waterfalls Site

   Vermont's scenic Route 100, one of 10 state byway routes, is recognized as Texas Falls - Green Mountain National Forest Recreation Area, Vermont one of the most scenic drives in New England. Weaving through the center of the state, this north to south two lane highway follows the river valleys of the Missisquoi, the Mad, White and Black, providing enough twists and turns to keep travelers on their toes. The scenic route runs on the eastern edge of the famous Green Mountains and passes 20 charming towns and villages, some of the best golf courses and winter ski resorts, and a variety of waterfall sites, two with the same name.
   Pictured here is one of Vermont's most popular falls, the beautiful Moss Glen Falls of Granville that's featured in nearly every state travel publication. This Moss Glen Falls - Stowe, Vermont photogenic gem is found along the roadside, where a boardwalk viewing site is less than 1500 feet away. Appropriately named Moss Glen, the perennial Deer Hollow Brook drops 45 feet, creating a broad horsetail cascade. Because of its easy access, some of the more energetic waterfall visitors want to see more. Warning signs are posted, citing recent rescues and tragic fatalities. And it's well advised not to leave the boardwalk as the view doesn't get any better than this.
   About 25 mile northward, near the town of Stowe, you'll find the other Moss Glen Falls site. Here, a spectacular 125-foot tall cascade is enjoyed from a few dramatic viewpoints along the gorge rim. Stowe, a final destination for many vacationers, offers plenty of reasons to include this stop on your waterfall sightseeing trip.

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