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Cedarburg Covered Bridge

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Cedarburg Covered Bridge, Wisconsin

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Just to the west of Milwaukee, and barely escaping the influences of a big city, Cedarburg has the distinction of being a top livable city in the country according to Forbes Magazine. Low crime rate, excellent school districts and its high standard of living keep Cedarburg on somebody's list of best places to live.
     Along with its healthy citizens, expected to live into their 80s, is a surviving covered bridge from the 19th century. Built in 1876 with pine timbers from Baraboo, the single span bridge measured 120 feet long. Using a lattice truss design, the 3x10 inch planks were held in place with 2 inch wooden pegs. Supporting heavier and heavier traffic, a center support was added in 1927.
   Now part of the Ozaukee County Covered Bridge Park, the 145 year old bridge was officially placed in retirement in 1962. Cedarburg Covered Bridge Side View Providing the focal point of the park, the bridge is only opened to foot traffic. Offering a unique calling card, its claim to be the last covered bridge is somewhat misleading. Although Wisconsin has nearly three dozen covered bridges, the Cedarburg Bridge is the only remnant from the 19th century. A replacement for many previous bridges that were washed away, its long lifespan demonstrates the superb workmanship and expert design efforts to build a lasting structure.

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