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Enduring Farmlands Byway

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Enduring Farmlands Byway - Magnolia Midlands, Georgia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   With the recent additions of the Historic Effingham-Ebenezer Trail and the Enduring Farmlands route, Georgia's Scenic Byways now total 14. Hawkinsville Opera House Each one of these scenic drives represents a unique section of the state's beauty, cultural heritage and forgotten places of history.
   Here in the Magnolia Midlands, a 65 mile route connects a vast swath of fertile farmland and the communities of Hawkinsville, Pineview, Abbeville, and Rochelle. Two lane roads stretch between these sleepy towns and cut through patches of pine forests and endless fields of red clay. This is the Enduring Farmlands Scenic Byway. A long growing season Hawkinsville City Scene here extends the amount of work for these hard-working farmers, putting in fields of cotton, peanuts, soybeans and blueberries. You'll also find groves of pecans and peaches, carrying on the traditions of Georgia's famed tree crops.
   Hawkinsville visitors may enjoy an evening at the freshly refurbished 1907 Opera House. Designed with perfect acoustics and "no bad seat" in the house, today's listing of plays, music theater and cultural events carry on century old traditions. Taylor Hall, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the oldest house in Pulaski County. Beyond the historic district, byway travelers may find themselves caught up in the excitment of the Lawrence Bennett Harness Horse Racetrack. A winter home for harness racing since 1920, Hawkinsville retains its title of Harness Horse Capital of Georgia.

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