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Jacobsville Lighthouse

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Jacobsville Lighthouse - Lake Linden, Michigan

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Bordering three of America's Great Lakes, Michigan may not surprise many with its very lengthy coastline. Making up part of Michigan's maritime identity, the state boasts of their 129 lighthouses, more than any other state. No longer used as navigational aids, many of these historic landmarks have been transferred to local organizations, preserving the state's iconic symbols of maritime history. Under the provisions of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act, half of the state's lighthouses have been transferred to preservation groups which provide public access, maintenance, and many restoration success stories.
   Here on a remote section of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the Jacobsville Lighthouse (Portage River Lighthouse) stands on the bluff line overlooking Keweenaw Bay. Established in 1855 to guide ships to the Lower Portage Waterway, the existing light station dates back to 1870. Made of local stone and reaching 45 feet in height, the tower supported a 5th order Fresnel lens which was manufactured in Paris.
   The property was transferred to the state of Michigan when the lighthouse was deactivated. Plans to create a park around the lighthouse never materialized and the light station was eventually auctioned off to the private sector. Located in the farmlands of Keweenaw Peninsula on Dreamland Road, the Jacobsville Lighthouse continues as a bed and breakfast establishment. Operated by innkeepers Mike and Cheri Ditty, the Jacobsville Lighthouse Inn offers splendid views of Lake Superior and Keweenaw Bay, plus a very peaceful stay at one of Michigan's historic landmarks.

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