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Big Fishing Creek

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The Narrows, Big Fishing Creek - Tylersville, Pennsylvania

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Subject of grade school social studies class and a big part of early American history, Pennsylvania has always been loosely translated as Penn's Woods. And still today, more than half of the Keystone State is covered in forest. Although the state forests are a big draw for hunting and autumn sightseeing, the state's rivers, streams and lakes offer some of the most cherished Fishing Creek Road Street Sign - Tylersville, Pennsylvaniarecreation sites. Among vacationers, anglers and boaters, Pennsylvania's 85,000 miles of rivers, streams and 4000 lakes are among the most popular attractions.
     Known best for amazing catches of coldwater rainbow trout, golden trout, brown trout and brook trout, central Pennsylvania ranks among the top in the fly-fishing category. In fact, areas in and around the Susquehanna River have grabbed five out of the ten top trout fishing spots in the state. Designated a Class A Wild Trout Stream by the State of Pennsylvania, several sections of Big Fishing Creek offer rare catches of native or wild trout. While a few other streams in the state are called Fishing Creek, this stream, originating eight miles east of Tylersville, bears the distinction of Big.
     A topographical oddity, the stream puts on disappearing act in the summer. During times of low water, sections of the stream continue to flow underground through porous limestone layers. Returning crystal clear, its cold spring fed waters reappear downstream creating deep pools and riffles, the perfect habitat for trout. In a section of the country that battles the highest concentrations of acid rain, major limestone tributaries offset acidity and contribute to the stream's high ph. A heavily tree-lined section about five miles in length, called The Narrows, Fishing Creek Valley- Tylersville, Pennsylvania is one of the most popular sections of Big Fishing Creek. Here, swift flowing currents are funneled through the scenic valley, flowing right alongside the highway.
     While springtime offers some of the creek's best water flow, fishing peaks during late May when the green drake hatch takes place. Because the stream is constantly cooled with spring water, fishing continues through the summer here on one of the best streams in Pennsylvania. Because Pennsylvania's forests explode in brilliant patches of autumn foliage, some believe this is the best time to enjoy Central Pennsylvania fishing.

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