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Canyon Road Adobe Home - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photos by Bob and Alexa Goldman

  Just a few blocks from Santa Fes busy plaza, the now famous Canyon Road began as a foot trail into the mountains. Cristo Rey Church - Canyon Road, Sante Fe, New Mexico Slowly, as families grew, a residential neighborhood took shape, with some of the oldest adobe houses dating back to the 1750s. Here, families raised corn, wheat and vegetables on the fertile land of the Santa Fe River Valley. It was common during the 18th and 19th century to see flocks of sheep being driven further up into the canyon were green pastures surrounded the Acequia Madre, a man-made ditch to funnel water down from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Even though the territory was ceded to the United States after the Mexican-American War, Canyon Road remained the same ... a quiet farming community on the outskirts of the growing city of Santa Fe. By the early 20th century artists began to move into the area, drawn in by the beauty and relaxing atmosphere of Canyon Road. Over time a community of artists grew in numbers along the tree-lined street, converting old adobe homes into shops and studios.
  Today, Canyon Road is a tourist destination, where visitors may experience unique fashions and wearable art. Jewelry stores offer handmade adornments in gold and silver, as well as traditional Native silverwork. Thousands of tourist who visit Santa Fe may enjoy a pleasant walk along the Canyon Road Home Entrance - Sante Fe, New Mexico narrow Canyon Road, find lunch at a restaurant, admire area artwork and stop to appreciate the area's unique adobe architecture.
  When the Spanish arrived Canyon Road Scene - Sante Fe, New Mexico in America's southwest in the 1500s, native residents had been using adobe in the construction of homes, walls and courtyards for centuries. The Spanish quickly adopted Native techniques and applied their own European touches. This unique blend of Native American and Spanish pueblo style architecture and old world charm fill this magical mile.

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