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Thacher Island Twins

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Thacher Island Twins - Rockport, Massachusetts

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     A fortunate few have visited Thacher Island and toured the fully restored north North Thacher Island Lighthouse - Rockport, Masachusetts lighthouse. These Cape Ann twins have been designated a National Historic Landmark, a rare pair of lighthouses most commonly found in New England. Those wanting to visit Thacher Island can take the island launch on Saturday mornings during July and August. The launch holds 15 passengers and takes the trip each Saturday. If you're doing the math and trying to figure the amount of summer visitors, don't forget to factor in New England's inclement weather.
     Thacher Island is just off the Massachusetts coast from the town of Rockport. The island's granite base supports the lighthouses, the keepers quarters, oil houses, a barn and graveyard. The Thacher Island twins are two of a small group of lighthouses found along the Cape Ann coastline, making this area a must see for lighthouse fans.

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