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East Point Lighthouse

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East Point Lighthouse - Gloucester, Massachusetts

Photo by Jack Ryan
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     Gloucester, America's oldest seaport, first saw a wave of Europeans arrive on Half Moon Beach in 1623. Here, during the early years on Cape Ann, a determined group of fisherman, merchant ship captains, and whalers rose from common laborers to successful businessmen.
     The Ten Pound Island Lighthouse was first raised in 1821, aiding ship traffic entering Gloucester Harbor. The stubby beacon did little to aid offshore boats that desperately attempted to navigate passed treacherous ledges during foul weather. The first lighthouse on Eastern Point was completed in 1832. Its porous dry laid stone presented numerous problems, especially during strong northeastern gales. The light keeper's pleas (Samuel Wonson) were finally answered with a new lighthouse in 1848. The brick tower and ruby light lasted until 1890 when replaced with the present day lighthouse.
     Today's East Point Lighthouse, with its handsome cylindrical tower, topped with a black lantern room and red roof, is seen here from Gloucester (GLOS-ter) Harbor's Dog Bar Breakwater. Built over Dog Bar Reef, the 2250 foot granite breakwater offers limited views of the two story East Point Light Station and lighthouse. Located in a private community and on Coast Guard property, lighthouse fans should be courteous as they get a view of the lighthouse from Eastern Point.

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