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Rockport Harbor

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Rockport Harbor Motif #1 - Rockport, Massachusetts

Photo by Brad Troy
Brad Troy Photography

     New England is well known for its picturesque fishing villages, and Rockport's famous Motif #1 captures it all in this Winslow Homer style scene. Here on Cape Ann, Rockport is one of the quaint jewels of the Massachusetts coast. And this Bearskin Neck wharf still inspires artists with its magical scenery, even though the original fishing shack is gone. The substitute, looking a little too pristine, has taken over for the dilapidated shed lost in the great winter storm of 1978.
     Replacing this icon, an artist's theme for over 50 years, caused quite a still among the town's folk. Some for it, some against. Sometimes it's hard to let go of the past, and there have always been attempts to resurrect many icons. Beatles reunion rumors continued long after John Lennon's death. Other farfetched ideas even considered reconstruction of New Hampshire's The Old Man of the Mountain.
     As you can see, proponents for replacement won out. This charming small seaside community has its iconic Motif #1; and you have a chance to savor this marvelous photographic setting.

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