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Joseph Conrad at the Mystic Seaport - Mystic, Connecticut

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     A faded gray morning mist, brought on by cool air temperatures and warm waters, adds an aura of mystique over this Connecticut harbor. The Joseph Conrad lies motionless in its slip, a permanent Mystic Museum exhibit since 1947.
     This seaport resident sailed under three flags during its lifetime. Built in 1882, the 111 foot Danish vessel was designed to train young men for the merchant service. In 1905, the ship was raised from the deep after a collision with a freighter. It Mystic Schooner - Mystic Museum, Connecticut was later rescued from the boneyard by a Brit, Alan Villiers, and renamed the Joseph Conrad.
     The Mystic Seaport Museum Village takes visitors back to a 19th century maritime era, suggesting a seafaring spirit and evoking images of sea dogs, rowdy long shoreman and square rigged sailing ships. This New England port surrounds the Mystic River and remains a very popular attraction for Connecticut travelers.

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