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Mystic Harbor Lighthouse

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Harbor Lighthouse - Mystic, Connecticut

Photos by Marty Straub
Marty Straub Photography

     The famous Connecticut town of Mystic Seaport Lighthouse - Mystick, Connecticut Mystic owes it roots to the safe harbor in the Mystic River. Once a seafaring town during the 18th and 19th centuries, now the harbor features a maritime museum, a variety of historic tall ships and ship building facilities, as well as indoor exhibits. A very popular travel destination for New England visitors, Mystic Tall Ship - Mystick, Connecticut a variety of attractions at the Old Mystic Village will entertain the entire family.
     No seaport is complete without a lighthouse, and this Mystic view at Shipyard Point features the Mystic Harbor Lighthouse. Not an original, but a replica, the lighthouse Dockside Shanty - Mystick, Connecticut adds another landmark in this fascinating coastal town. Thought to be a copy of the 1901 Brant Point Lighthouse in Nantucket, the lighthouse was built for show in 1966 and was never intended to be a navigational aid.
     Here along the eastern coast of Connecticut, the Mystic Seaport is filled with icons of the past, stirring up reminders of yesteryear's classic whaling ships and colorful old sea-dogs. This lively seaport has added a volume of pages to New England's book on maritime history and retains it century old look for all to enjoy.

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