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Lombard Street - San Francisco

Lombard Street photo by Bob Goldman
Golden Gate Bridge photo by Kathy Cline
Alcatraz photo by Amanda Haddox

   Located just north of a mid-point on the California coast, San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco Bay, California is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The city's hills, Victorian architecture, historic landmarks and cultural diversity help create a unique and most memorable visit. Some of the most popular stops include Nob Hill, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, Union Square and the beautiful Golden Gate Park and bridge. Although San Francisco is a prominent city located at the tip of a peninsula between the San Francisco Bay and Pacific coast, its land area is quite small and very walkable. Among its famous landmarks is Lombard Street, but not neccessarily known by its name.
   Lombard Street, billed as the crooookedest street in the United States, was built in the early 1920s. Everyone's favorite view is the block between Hyde and Leavenworth streets which climbs Russian Hill. The sharp incline was too steep for an ordinary street and a multiple switchback design was proposed. Alcatraz - Alcatraz Island, California Eight 180 degree hairpin turns or switchbacks weave down through a picturesque neighborhood of Victorian style homes, graced with beautiful flowers and plantings. The street is setup for downhill traffic only, with a five mile per hour speed limit.
   The street is named after the Italian Lombard family and links the Presidio to the Embarcadero. This very popular California street continues to draw in visitors, and debates about traffic continue as well. As you would guess, most of the fun is actually driving the steepest section, estimated to be a 26 degree slope.

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