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Fort Christmas

Fort Christmas

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Fort Christmas was one of four army outposts within the border's of Orange County. A string of forts were setup to supply a military campaign in attempt to relocate Florida's Seminole Indians. Nervous non-native settlers had a strong desire to remove the Seminoles to a reservation far to the west. Major General Thomas S. Jessup used the forts as supply depots as his troops advanced southward. This engagement was named the Second Seminole War.
     The fort, built along the St. Johns River corridor, was established on Christmas Day, 1837. The use of the fort was short lived as the war effort advanced into southern Florida. The troops were then re-supplied by a water route along the St. Lucie River.
     Today's Fort Christmas is a re-creation that began as a Bi-Centennial project. The Orange County Parks Department has now developed the area with pavilions, picnic tables, playgrounds, sports fields and courts, all shaded with very large and very mature sprawling oaks.



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