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Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

Photo by Jack Ryan
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     Old Presque Isle Lighthouse once marked the eastern Michigan harbor along the Lake Huron shores. The bids went out in the late 1930s, and by September, 1940, the newly constructed light-station was put into service. In comparison, this navigation beacon's life-span was a short 30 years. The lighthouse board decided on a new lighthouse instead of rebuilding the old Presque Isle keeper's quarters. The old lighthouse was abandoned, and the light mechanisms dismantled.
     But the old light was never completely dimmed, and alarming reports have the light mysteriously illuminated from time to time. It seems that the fun-loving George Parris, official caretaker of the old lighthouse museum, has longed for his earthly job and has somehow returned from the grave to flash the light and spook terrestrials once again!



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