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Ellis Falls

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Ellis Falls - Lakes and Mountains Region, Maine

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Although casual weekend rambles through the countryside are usually called sightseeing trips, occasionally your ears may detect some things the eye can't see. Take for instance this close-up view of Ellis Falls near Andover, one of those unmarked roadside gems that you may discover only by hearing the sound of its thundering cascade. In an area that's loaded with Black Mountain scenery, this full flowing cascade may not warrant a sign, but it is a brief attention getter.
     Known for its Nordic and cross-country skiing, the Black Mountain area has been the site for Olympic team competition for over 50 years. Hosting many championship meets on its downhill slopes, the Black Mountain Ski Resort also invites locals to enjoy skiing, snow tubing, snowshoeing and snowboarding. Topped off with a new 13,000 square foot lodge, Black Mountain offers trails for all levels of expertise, plus good vantage points for spectators and photographers.
     While western Maine's Lakes and Mountains Region offers family oriented winter recreation, the area is also filled with stunning mountain scenery and countless water features. Area lakes and streams call in many outdoor lovers during milder seasons, especially during the summer and autumn. While outfitters cater to anglers and paddlers, sightseers will have little trouble finding Western Maine’s covered bridges, hiking trails, wildlife areas, mountain overlooks and area waterfalls on their own.
     Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway and Grafton Notch Byway offer its sightseers 55 miles of attractions, including quaint New England villages, clear mountain streams and gorgeous lakeside views. Even though Maine isn't known for its waterfalls, many of the region's impressive waterfalls are easily reached. Varying from roadside attractions to moderate hikes, western Maine's waterfalls add another reason to enjoy this region of the state.

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