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Issaqueena Falls

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Issaqueena Falls - Walhalla, South Carolina

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Over 30 waterfalls are spread out among three counties in the northwestern corner of South Carolina, creating a waterfall lover's paradise. One of prettiest of this large cluster is the Upcountry's Issaqueena Falls. Cane Creek Footbridge - Stumphouse Tunnel Park - Walhalla, South CarolinaFort Ninety-Six to warn her lover. In time, Issaqueena, Allan, and their newborn baby moved back to Stumphouse Mountain to build their home.
     Angered with white settlers, the Cherokee Chief sent his warriors to capture Issaqueena. Issaqueena saw them coming and ran toward this waterfall to escape capture. Knowing that the Cherokee believed evil spirits lived in the waterfall, she pretended to leap to her death. She hid on the Issaqueena Falls - Informal Trail ledge behind the waterfall where she remained until it was safe to rejoin her family. Her dramatic escape was the basis for the legend of Issaqueena Falls.
     Issaqueena Falls is just about 6 miles northwest from Walhalla on Route 28. The parking lot for Stumphouse Tunnel Park, where you'll find the falls, is well marked on the highway. A small covered footbridge crosses Cane Creek en route to the falls overlook. A few informal pathways lead down to the base of the falls, but consist of a steep scramble with various root handrails to assist with your descent. A few errant pathways dead-end with sheer cliffs, so beware if you want to capture a photo from the base of the 100 foot falls. And it's definitely not recommended to see where Issaqueena hid behind the waterfall, but some still attempt this climb.

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