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Natchez-Vidalia Bridge

Natchez-Vidalia Bridge - Natchez, Mississippi

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Vast seas, tall mountain ranges and broad rivers have always posed a series of challenges for the transportation of goods over the centuries, but they've also brought out the best in man's ingenuity. Some of the most modern modes of transportation have their roots traced back over the centuries; and now airplanes, huge cargo ships and automobile seem indispensible. Commonplace in our modern world and carrying thousands of motorists every day, the bridge dates back to classical antiquity. During the first century Roman architects took bridge building to another level, utilizing cofferdams in pier construction, developing basic concrete and adding arches in their designs.
     This modern structural-steel bridge, connecting the city of Natchez with Vidalia, is the tallest bridge in the state of Mississippi. The original cantilever span was completed in 1940, stretching out for 4200 feet over the Mississippi River. Overwhelmed with daily traffic, a twin bridge followed in 1988. Looking very similar, the newest bridge in the foreground is 18 feet wider, adding inside and outside shoulders and 11 foot lanes. With over two million people within a 200 mile radius, the twin bridges average over 30,000 vehicles every day.
     This bridge view from a bluff on the southern side of U.S. Route 84 in Natchez shows off its handsome three million dollar lighting project. A united effort by the city of Vidalia, Louisiana, and the State of Mississippi, the project hopes to increase the area's appeal and offers another scenic attraction.



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