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Bailey Yard

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Bailey Yard - North Platte, Nebraska

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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Golden Spike Tower - North Platte, Nebraska    Certified by Guinness, Union Pacific's Bailey Yard in North Platte is the largest railroad hub in the world. Adjacent to the yard, the Golden Spike Tower, eight stories in height, offers a panoramic view of the 3000 acre yard, a network of train tracks that measures 315 miles, and views of Nebraska's broad Platte River Valley. This enormous yard, named for former Union Pacific president Edd H. Bailey, sees 150 trains per day, sorts 3000 railcars and houses one of the largest locomotive repair centers in North America.
   The Golden Spike Tower, seen from miles around North Platte, is a one-of-a-kind observation tower. Built in 2008, visitors often head right to the seventh floor where an open air deck looks down on all the sights and sounds of the East view of the Bailey Yard - North Platte, Nebraska Bailey Yard. At the top, the tower features a fully enclosed, 360 degree observation room which offers the best views on a windy day. The visitor center on the ground floor houses a souvenir shop and a variety of educational displays. Out in the courtyard, 23 brightly colored flags represent the states that the Union Pacific Railroad serves.

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