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Perry’s Memorial & Oak Harbor - Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Photos and Feature Article
   by Monnie Ryan
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     Located in the Lake Erie resort town of Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island, Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial is the tallest monument in the United States (352 feet) and is considered to be the most massive Doric column in the world. Oak Harbor Sailboat The memorial, completed in 1915, was built both to commemorate Perry's 1813 naval victory during the War of 1812 and to inculcate the lessons of international peace by arbitration and disarmament, according to the National Park Service. The capture of a British squadron of warships during the Battle of Lake Erie was historically significant in that Perry's Victory secured control of the Great Lakes for the United States and enabled Gen. William Henry Harrison to conduct a successful invasion of Western Upper Canada.
     Here at the Peace Memorial the rotunda floor is made of white and black marble, and the domed walls and ceiling are of limestone. Three American and three British officers killed in the Battle of Lake Erie during the war are buried in the crypt beneath its floor. The observation deck offers panoramic views of the Lake Erie Islands and the shorelines of Ohio, Michigan, and Ontario. Those who prefer not to climb the 467 steps to the top may be pleased to know there is an elevator. On weekends, park rangers offer full-costume demonstrations pertaining to war related events and typically end with firing demonstrations of black powder muskets and flintlocks. The adjacent visitor education center houses displays, War of 1812 exhibits, a gift shop and a massive statue of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, for whom the memorial is named.

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