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Rio Grande River

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Rio Grande River - Wild Rivers Recreation Area - Questa, New Mexico

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Edged out by only three other longer rivers in the United States, the Rio Grande in many ways lives up to its name. Because of its great length, about 1900 miles, early explorers never realized they were looking at the same river and placed a dozen names on its waters. After the Mexican American War, when western borders were redrawn, American map makers christened the entire river Rio Grande.
     Starting off in the 13,000 foot peaks of Colorado's San Juan Mountains, the Rio Grande has excellent reputation of a quintessential mountain trout stream. Here among some of the most picturesque and stately mountain scenery, the Rio Grande tumbles down the mountains into the broad San Luis Valley. As the Rio Grande streams into northern New Mexico, the river again heads into an untamed region. The Wild Rivers Back Country Byway serves as a gateway to the Rio Grande Gorge. Quartzite Access - Wild Rivers Recreation Area Near the town of Questa, the Bureau of Land Management has established the Wild Rivers Recreation Area. This site at Quartzite provides access to a rare 12 mile stretch of the Rio Grande deemed a wild and scenic river. In this remote setting, visitors will find modest sized campgrounds and primitive facilities. This area marks the end of the rivers placid flow with the first significant drop. Razorblade Rapids offers a preview of things to come as rafters head southward. Southward, the Taos Box and Race Course Rapids provide rafters a full day's excitement.
     Below Los Alamos where the river mirrors I-25, a series of dams slows the Rio Grande considerably. Beyond El Paso, the river marks the border between Texas and Mexico. From El Paso to Ojinaga, this stretch has earned the title the forgotten river. Here, there are more water users than there is water. This section of the Rio Grande, a 1200 mile boundary from El Paso to Brownsville on the coast, presents miles of unique challenges for the International River Management team.

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