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Grindle Point Lighthouse

Grindle Point Lighthouse - Maine

Photo by Lou Kellenberger
Lou Kellenberger Photography

     Maine's intricate coastline is full of tiny coves and long narrow bays. Hundreds of well worn granite islands are scattered throughout the mainland's fingers, creating a series of isolated, cozy little enclaves. Beaten by the sea and weather by the wind and rain, these rocky outposts remain firm against the onslaught, supporting a string of friendly navigation beacons.
     Once known as Long Island, a 13 mile long narrow ledge supported a large shipping fleet during the 19th century. Now known as Islesboro, the island east of Camden Hills is a haunt for the rich and famous. Known as the best harbor on the Maine coast, the island was lit up with a lighthouse as early at 1851. Built in 1874, the present lantern room is supported on an unusual square brick tower. The keeperís quarters, a one and a half story dwelling is connected to the tower with a covered walkway. Although deactivated in 1934, the townspeople of Islesboro convinced the Coast Guard to re-light the beacon in 1987. The keeperís quarters was converted to the Sailor's Memorial Museum. A state ferry from Lincolnville docks beside the Grindle Point Light-station, permitting easy access for lighthouse fans.



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