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Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake

Photo provided by Big Sky
Montana Gallery

Montana's Mission Mountains, east of Flathead Lake, mark the western edge of a massive section of wilderness land. This area is covered by the Flathead National Forest and is made up of at least six wilderness areas and wildlife refuges, with Bob Marshall Wilderness being the largest. Although small in comparison, the Mission Mountain Wilderness covers more than 70,000 acres, and when coupled with up with the adjoining Flathead Indian Reservation Tribal Wilderness, the area tops 160,000 acres.
This picturesque view of Crescent Lake is a great representation of the many alpine lakes found in the Mission Mountains. Although few of the most popular larger lakes, Glacier, Lindbergh, and Turquoise, receive a good deal of pressure, fishing is regarded as very good. Most locals understand that wilderness lands usually mean no motorized vehicles, so fishing must be coupled up with a backcountry experience. These quiet adventures include some very special mountain scenery, but not without some minor obstacles. Long winters bring downed trees, slick snow covered trails, and washed-out footbridges, which may cut into your time searching for the perfect cutthroat location. This wilderness land relies on volunteers to keep 45 miles of trails open and nine months of a windy winter weather can create plenty of clean-up work. The adjacent Swan Range, another non-motorized backcountry land, accounts for an additional 50 miles of trails. An opportunity for more spectacular backcountry mountain scenery.



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