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Bixby Bridge

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Bixby Bridge - Big Sur Scenic Byway, California

Photos by Ian Parker
Evanescent Light Photography

     Cobbling together Spanish and English names for a beautiful and rugged land, California's Big Sur covers a 90 mile section of coastline from Carmel to San Simeon. After 14 years of difficult construction, Bixby Bridge - Big Sur, California this section of Route 1 was opened in 1934, quickly gaining fame as one of the world's ultimate scenic drives. Taking advantage of this scenic beauty, the California parks division carved out eight parks and reserves along the highway, offering the public access to this dramatic landscape.
     This cool evening view takes in one of the most recognized landmarks on the byway, the Bixby Bridge. Rather than utilizing an inland bridge and tunnel combination, Depression Era designers opted for this graceful arched bridge. Lying in the midst of steep coastal cliffs and often decked-out with a carpet of wildflowers, Bixby Bridge scenes have adorned advertisements, post cards and TV commercials for decades. Designers suggest what makes this bridge so special is the span to rise ratio. What's behind the principles of aesthetics is secondary to its appeal. Drawing attention to the dramatic Bixby Canyon, this scene is one of the extraordinary settings on the Big Sur Byway.

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