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Wilmington & Western Railroad

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Wilmington & Western Railroad - Wilmington, Delaware

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     This vintage locomotive, built by the American Locomotive Company in Schenectady, New York, has passed the century mark. Built in 1909 (construction #45921), Number 98 first kept busy on the Mississippi Central and Louisiana Eastern railroads. In 1966, the steam locomotive began its Wilmington & Western era and served the communities along Delaware's Red Clay Creek, transporting freight and Wilmington and Western Steam Up passengers. In 1977, the locomotive was donated to the non-profit, historic attraction of the Red Clay Valley. As a tourist railroad, the train follows the tracks of the Wilmington & Western. The rail tour winds its way through Red Clay Valley's gentle hills, wooded forestland and wide-open meadows nearby Route 41, west of Wilmington.
     Locomotive #98, with a 4-4-0 wheel arrangement, follows in line with 25,000 locomotives built between 1837 and 1920. The wheel arrangement was so popular, it earned the nickname of American Standard. Built to last 100 years, the locomotive was ready for a major repair and refurbishment in 1997. After two-and-a-half years of diligent work, steam engine Number 98 once again powers its way along the Wilmington & Western Railroad tracks.

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