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Greenbank Mill

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Greenbank Mill - Wilmington, Delaware

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Over the years, changing markets, arson and record flooding make up a disheartening list of woes associated with Greenbank Mill. Philips Farm - Wilmington, Delaware Milling grain along the Red Clay Creek dates back to 1677 when Swedish immigrants moved into the area. During the early years a shift to revolutionary conveyors and elevators proved highly successful. Mill expansion in the 19th century included wool processing and wooden products.
     A recent move toward preserving the 1790s building was derailed with a devastating fire in 1969. When the old mill was gutted, Greenbank Mill Associates quickly went to work with a major restoration project. The Red Clay Creek, a main source of water and power for the Greenbank property, also proved to bring disaster. Floodwaters from 1969s Hurricane Floyd, and again torrential rains in 2003 caused heavy damage. Thanks to the tireless efforts of many volunteers, the Greenbank Mill and Philips Farm are on track to fulfill their mission.
     The nearby Philips Farm property was added in 1997 as another part of the association's educational laboratory. Plans for the farm buildings include period furnishings, exhibiting late 1800s and early 1900s everyday living exhibits, and seasonal farming activities. The vision of the Greenbank Mill and Philips Farm can be summed up as a recreation of Delaware's early history.

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