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Rocky Falls Shut Ins

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Rocky Falls Shut In - Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Van Buren, Missouri

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Considered one of Missouri's most scenic areas, the clear running rivers of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways attract over a million outdoors lovers every year. Klepzig Mill - Shannon , Missouri With so much to see and do here in southeastern Missouri, it's hard to choose one particular destination.
     Along with two popular spring destinations nearby, the area east of Eminence and Winona introduces national park visitors to two more sites well within hiking distance of each other. Not recommended for large motor homes, County Road 522 leads to Klepzig Mill and Rocky Falls. At the "Y" take NN-522 to the old 1928 mill. Built in the sawmill house vernacular, Walter Rocky Falls Shut-ins - Van Buren, Missouri Klepzig's Mill is located in a thicket and may be difficult to spot during the summer. A widened section of the narrow dirt road may be your best clue to find the old mill. Built of rough cut planks, the mill house rests on a foundation of native stone. Most of the millrace still stands, offering an inviting wall for youngsters to scale and do their best on the impromptu balance beam. For on-looking moms, this is the type of adventure that will surely add a few more gray hairs.
     Beyond the mill is Rocky Falls, located in the Shut Ins area of Rocky Creek. Here the creek was squeezed by volcanic activity, constricting the streambed with rhyolite porphyry. Since rhyolite is much tougher than other rock in the area, a shut in was formed. This simple term from the local Ozark residents simply means a small canyon-like area. Depending on rainfall, Rocky Falls varies from this tame view to a broad, full force waterfall. Supporting plenty of native fish, Rocky Creek continues to the nearby Current River.

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