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Blue Spring, Jacks River

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Blue Spring on the Jacks River - Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri

Photo by Ben Prepelka
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   Riddled with caves, springs, sinkholes and free-flowing rivers, the Ozark National Scenic Riverways is home to more first-magnitude springs than any Ozark National Riverways Signage other place on earth. Here in southeastern Missouri, this karst area creates the reason for the first national park to protect wild and untamed rivers in the United States.
   Long before roads were established in the area, the Jacks Fork and Current rivers acted as highways for Ozark settlers. By the mid 1800s, families practiced subsistence farming and used the rivers as a trading network. Ferries were used to transport people and goods across the rivers long before bridges were built. Today, Ozark NSR visitors can still cross the Current River on Akers Ferry. Ozark Wild Roses
   One of the highlights of the Ozark Riverways is its natural springs. Each week area springs pump out billions of gallons of cold sparkling water from underground rivers. Blue Spring, located on the Jacks River, gets its color from dissolved minerals in the water. Found a mile east of Mountain View, paved road OO quickly turns into a rough and rocky ramble to the river. A remote campground, picnic area and canoe launch make this wonderful stop to explore caves and bluffs along the river.
   Officially established as a national park in 1964, the state of Missouri contributed three of its own state parks, Alley Spring, Big Spring and Round Spring, adding to the public's enjoyment of this wild and scenic river area.

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