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Embarcadero Dawn

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Embarcadero - San diego, California

Photos by Amanda Haddox
Amanda Haddox Photography

   Early dawn over the San Diego Bay captures a remarkable reflective scene of the Embarcadero Marina Park. In a short period of time, this setting will shift from the soft blue and lavender hues to a mood of golds and oranges before giving way to the bright California sun. The town's development corporation strives to achieve the fine balance between wide open park spaces and the industrial side of a traditional working harbor.
   A multi-phased plan calls for more green by adding thousands of trees to the waterfront. The popular San Diego public park is split between two land arms that seems to wrap around the Embarcadero Marina and its north-south cove. To the north lies the Seaport Village, known for its array of shops, restaurants and galleries. The well known San Diego Pier Cafe offers seafood and a most exceptional view of the bay. And to the south, the Embarcadero is easily recognized by the Convention Center and its unusual roofline.
   Other highlights in and around the bay include a historic barque, the Star of India, the ferry boat Berkeley, and the 1904 steam yacht, the Medea. At the Navy Pier, you'll find the Midway, a World War II aircraft carrier, now doubling as a museum. Cruise ships, personal water craft and the waterfront skyline make this colorful port an interesting destination.

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