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Upper Provo River Falls

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Fairy Stone Lake - Fairy Stone State Park, Stuart, Virginia

Photo and article by Bob Fagley

   The Uinta Mountains are the only east-west running range in the United States and are home to the highest peak in Utah, King's Peak, with an impressive elevation of 13,528 feet. There are numerous secondary roads penetrating the moutains providing access to many fishing lakes and hiking trails. Utah Route 150 (the Mirror Lake Road) crosses the western end of the Uinta Range and makes a highly scenic afternoon's drive from Salt Lake City.
   For those who enjoy the great outdoors, there are numerous campgrounds and picnic areas along the way. The road crosses Bald Mountain Pass at an elevation of 10,678 feet and continues on into Wyoming, meeting Interstate 80 at Evanston. About two miles north of the pass, a short side road leads to the very scenic Mirror Lake. After a short hike, one arrives at the Provo River Falls about six miles west of Bald Mountain Pass. Winter snowmelt run-off greatly increased the flow in this photo taken early in June.

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